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Infant Classroom 


 Mrs. Guzman leads our infant class at Happy Feet Children's Center. The Chickadee class follows a flexible schedule and welcomes children ages 6 weeks through 23 months. Our educators are experienced in providing quality care and appropriate curriculum for all children. The Chickadee class ratio is 1 educator to 3 children. All children will be exposed to age-appropriate curriculum, art, music, sensory, dramatic play, and outdoor exploration. 

Colorful Circles

                          Chickadee Schedule

7:30a                 Arrival 
                              Group Time/Music/ Exploration
9:00a                Diaper Care
9:15a                   Snack Time/ Bottle Feeding
9:30a-10:30a Young Infants: Nap Time
                              Older Infants: Outdoor Exploration
10:30                 Diaper Care/ Bottle Feeding
10:45-11:15a    Art and Indoor Exploration
11:15                     Lunch Time
11:45                    Time to Wind Down 
                              Diaper Care/ Bottle Feeding
12:00p-2:30p Naptime
2:30p                 Diaper Care/ Bottle Feeding
3:00p                Snack Time 
3:15p-3:45p    Outdoor Exploration
3:45a-4:30p   Storytime and Indoor Exploration


The schedule is flexible due to on-demand diapering, feedings, and naps. 

Explore,  Learn,  Grow

Happy Feet is proud to offer a Waldorf-inspired environment that embraces the Play Way Method.  Our educators are happy to be a part of the Experience Curriculum   Education Program. 


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